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Kaiju Universe X GFEST 2024

Apr 12, 2024

G-FEST and Kaiju United announce exclusive partnership and sponsorship agreement for 2024 iteration.

Daikaiju Enterprises Ltd. and Kaiju United are ecstatic to announce their kaiju-sized

collaboration for the 29th annual convention celebrating all things giant monsters.

Kaiju United will serve as the official sponsor for the show, which includes providing exclusive coverage of the event, social media collaborations, and an overall professional partnership never before seen in the history of either organization.

G-Fans can expect a must-see coverage of the show, with Kaiju United taking the community into the incredible world of G-FEST and its passionate, devoted attendees directly on the front lines! KU will serve as a community ambassador,

elevating the best that G-FEST has to offer on all of their platforms, while also innovating in the way kaiju conventions are promoted online, enticing new fans and curious lurkers alike to come out and enjoy the show!

Check out more info on the Kaiju United site here!

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