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G-FEST is a multi-faceted convention that caters to a wide variety of interests within the kaiju genre.

Each year G-FEST presents panels, Q & A sessions by actors and crew from kaiju films, fan presentations on topics of interest, a variety of contests, and boasts a fully equipped video gaming thread. Whether you want to participate in the production of an epic fan-made film in Dojo Studios, receive model making instruction from industry pros, shop the world's most extensive kaiju-focused vendor's room, or get an autograph from an idol, G-FEST has everything you need to fulfill your G dreams!



In 1994, about twenty contributors to G-FAN magazine from all over North America gathered to meet face to face in a small hotel outside Chicago. The group had such an great time that it was decided to launch a full-scale kaiju convention, and G-FEST was born. Since then, G-FEST has grown to become a “family reunion” that welcomes more than 4000 G-fans, offering a weekend of activities including filmmaking, model and costume making, video and table-top gaming, costume parades, art and model displays, contests, film festivals, and the largest kaiju-focused vendors room in the world. Make 2024 your year to join the G-Fan Family.



At G-FEST, our mission is to bring together Godzilla fans from all walks of life in a celebration of the legendary franchise. We strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where families & friends can gather, bond, and share their love for the iconic kaiju. Through a rich array of engaging programming, we aim to educate, entertain, and inspire fans of all ages.

We believe in the power of community, where every attendee feels welcomed, respected, and embraced. It is our goal to create an environment where fans can freely express their love for Godzilla, forging connections that extend beyond the convention walls.

Our commitment to continuous improvement drives us to deliver an unforgettable experience year after year. By listening to the feedback and ideas of our attendees, we ensure that G-FEST evolves to meet their needs, remaining a cherished event in the hearts of Godzilla fans worldwide.

From immersive panels and workshops to exciting performances and interactive exhibits, G-FEST offers something for everyone. Join us and connect with like-minded fans, create lasting memories, and bask in the enduring legacy of Godzilla.

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