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G-FEST caters to a wide variety of interests within the kaiju genre.

You can explore panels, a fully equipped video gaming room, or even get a tattoo.  Whether you want to participate in the production of an epic fan-made film in Dojo Studios, receive model making instruction from industry pros, shop the world's most extensive kaiju-focused vendor's room, G-FEST has everything you need to fulfill your G dreams!


Each year a wonderful curation of panels is presented at G-FEST. From Q & A sessions by actors and crew from your favorite kaiju films, fan presentations on topics of interest, debates & discussions to spelling bees and G-FEST's very own G-PARDY. There is something for everyone to enjoy!!


Video game fanatics of all ages will find Godzilla Heaven in the Mecha-G arcade. Not only is there an organized video game tournament, but there’s loads of free play time for both one-on-one and team battles. The arcade boasts an amazing variety of systems for playing different Godzilla games, from the Classic originals to the latest releases.  


The Mecha-G arcade welcomes independent game developers in the kaiju community to showcase their latest creations of games to show to the rest of the Fandom! Passion Republic's "GigaBash" will be returning for a third year at the arcade. And for the first time, The team that is working on Godzilla Save the Earth Melee will also be showcasing the game AND also doing a tournament on Sunday.


There are two great ways interested model builders can get involved in G-FEST events, learning about model building and showcasing their work.


Model panels run from Friday to Sunday, with presentations on how to build and paint models.  Professional sculptors and model builders will present panels on sculpting, creating dioramas, and opportunities for model builders. 


Bring your imagination and be prepared to ask questions not just about what our panelists suggest, but also about your plans for future projects that you want to discuss and share with the panelists and other modellers. 

We want to keep building the Kaiju modeller community!

Click "learn more" for details on Model Thread events & contests. Learn More


Calling Monster Island… It’s an invitation to Minya’s Place! A special place for the youngest G-fans (12 and under, please) to make kaiju-themed crafts to take home along with monster-ific activities.

Please note that Minya’s Place is not intended to be a “drop-off” daycare or babysitting service. All attending youngsters are expected to be supervised and assisted by the adult that brought them.


It’s the largest in the history of G-FEST, and also the biggest selection of kaiju-related merchandise ever gathered outside Japan. Prepare to be amazed,

and seriously tempted.

Check out the G-FEST 2024 Vendors Directory here


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G-FEST’s Film Festival grew out of our amateur video contest. Some creators wanted to produce a more “substantial” product than the contest’s six minute time limit allows. In 2013, the G-FEST Film Festival was created to showcase longer, more complicated amateur films. It’s become an eclectic mix of fan, pro, and semi-pro works. Thanks to the individual creators, SRS Cinema (SRS) and The Asylum (TA).


G-FEST has a history of bringing to western G-fans films they otherwise wouldn’t have a chance to see on the big screen, including North American theatrical premieres of Gamera 3, Godzilla (‘54), Godzilla vs Destroyah, Son of Godzilla, Rebirth of Mothra 3, Godzilla vs Megaguirus, and many others.

Movies are shown at the Pickwick Theater, 5 South Prospect, Park Ridge, IL, 60068.


Before the convention, on July 11, there’s an afternoon double bill and feature films are shown on Friday & Saturday night. Stay tuned for this years line up!


What better than a souvenir that lasts a life time?!

Stay tuned for this years line up of artists.

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