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Making a Difference Together

The G-Fans Helping G-Fans Fund was initiated in 2002 with a heartfelt mission to support fellow G-Fans facing significant challenges. J.D. Lees recognized the collective strength of our community, numbering between five and six thousand members at the time, and saw an opportunity to make a tangible difference. The goal wasn't just to raise funds for a distant cause; it was about providing tangible support where it was most needed.

The catalyst for this initiative came from within our own community. Two G-FAN contributors had children battling autism, facing daunting costs for treatment that promised profound improvements. These families needed intensive one-on-one intervention, financially burdensome and yet indispensable for their children's well-being. Recognizing this need, the idea took shape – a fundraising drive aimed at offering direct assistance to these families.


Following the convention, Dave Nunes took the helm. Renamed as G-Fans Helping G-Fans, the charity's scope expanded under Nunes' guidance, becoming a beacon of hope for many. Supported by the generosity of conventioneers and vendors, the fundraising efforts became Nunes' passion project, bolstered by the Lees family's unwavering support.

Since its inception, G-Fans Helping G-Fans has made a significant impact:


- Assisting families facing various challenges, with utmost respect for privacy.

- Supporting causes and programs dedicated to aiding children and families in Japan.

- Advocating for the uniqueness of children with developmental challenges.

- Providing financial aid to families affected by the loss of individuals who left a lasting impression on our community.


Additionally, during times of crisis such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and the Fukushima disaster, G-Fans Helping G-Fans extended its reach, collaborating with the International Chapter of the Red Cross to aid our Japanese friends in need.


This ongoing commitment to supporting fellow G-Fans and communities in need exemplifies the spirit of compassion and solidarity that defines our community.

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