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It's only natural that we would follow our heroes and don kaiju suits just like Haru Nakajima. There's a long tradition of fan-made suits at G-FEST, and we are always looking for excuses to wear them!


Anyone can cosplay at any time on the convention floor, but we also have special events.


Costume Parade 

One of the most popular events at

G-FEST is Saturday evening. Many cosplayers put their acting and crafting skills to the test in our Costume Parade and Competition!


Read the rules to see if your costume qualifies, and be sure to get your entry form turned in digitally, before the convention!


Panels on Costume and Cosplay

We're offering several costuming-related panels this year, including "How I Built This" which is hosted by last year's costume contest winners as they discuss how they came up with and built their cosplays. "Break Glass In Case of Kaiju" will discuss how to use crafting materials safely when building and wearing your suit.


Check your G-FEST program for times and locations.


Cosplay Meetups

A new addition to G-FEST, we're excited to organize cosplay meetups! Get to know other kaiju and tokusatsu cosplayers in the DFW room on Friday and Saturday. We will be taking group photos, talking "shop" about our costumes, and will have special door prizes! Prizes are limited to those in costume, so bring out your best! No sign up is required!

Friday's theme is Heroes and Sentai!

Saturday's theme is All Things Godzilla!


Dojo Studios 

Want to see costumes in action? Stop by Dojo Studios to watch suit actors film our in-house tokusatsu production!

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