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Gfantis was “born” in the explosion of an experimental solar power plant on the south seas island of Kalihama, but his origin lies shrouded in confusion to this day. Though he resembles a dinosaur, he is unlike any presently-known species, and possesses some mammalian traits.

Gfantis was scientifically named “Gigantosaurus fantasticus” by professor Hank Taupier. Though the name can properly be abbreviated to G. fantasticus, reporter Sly Lyson further contracted it to Gfantis, and the name stuck.

Gfantis has taken on a variety of opponents around the globe and is currently the subject of intense observation and study.

  • Height: 55 meters.

  • Mass: 3,726 tonnes.

  • Locomotion: Bipedal and quadrupedal, also able to burrow underground.

  • Powers: Solar radiation beam from crescent horn, oral heat ray, derives and replenishes power from solar energy, can withstand high temperatures (can move through magma). An effective grappler, Gfantis can use his long tail as a whip.


Artwork by Bob Eggleton

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