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Since 2011, Matt Frank has been known in both Japan and America as the "Kaiju King," becoming the fan-favorite artist for all things giant and monstrous! His first official foray into the Godzilla franchise was as a cover artist for Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters for IDW Publishing, and he continued to make covers for Godzilla: History's Greatest Monster in 2012. By 2013, he headlined the 25 issue series, Godzilla: Rulers of Earth, the longest running Godzilla comic ever published, as a story co-developer, cover artist, and lead interior artist, and the series became an instant classic among fans.

In late 2017, Matt officially began working for the legendary Tsuburaya Productions by adapting the cult classic hero Redman: The Kaiju Hunter into a new comic form, published in Japan by Phase 6. More recently, Matt was the primary artist and associate producer on Arrow Video's Gamera: The Complete Collection, the limited edition selling out before even becoming available, making it an instant collector's item.

Matt has also become heavily associated with the Ultraman franchise, working on comic covers, art books, and product design. While continuing to work on original projects, Matt has continued to work for the Godzilla franchise, not only featured in the official Godzilla Store, but also being the artist on several pinball machines from Spooky Pinball, including Ultraman and Scooby-Doo. As of 2024, Matt has returned to IDW's Godzilla comics in-force, including contributing to the Godzilla 70th Anniversary Anthology.

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